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One busy mama!

The MaMade Diaries: One busy mama!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

One busy mama!

I have been one very busy mama the past few weeks. And it's awesome! I've been working on orders for MaMade Creations, making Eli popsicle puzzles and flash cards, and starting my blog! And most importantly being mommy!

Eli has speech therapy twice a week right now. He'll be two next month but still doesn't say any words. He has some red flags for autism, or possibly childhood apraxia of speech. We have a few more evaluations to see if we can get an idea if he is diagnosed with either of those, or if they think he's just a late talker. These days I'm really thinking it's apraxia. The poor boy tries so hard to communicate with me, but he just can't get the words out or make the right sounds. So in addition to speech therapy I work with him throughout the day, everyday, trying to help teach him more signs and working on his sounds. He makes up his own signs too, and some of them I know, but lately he's been adding more and I just can't figure out what he's trying to say. So I decided to make him some flash cards to try and help with communication.

First of all, meet my new BEST FRIEND! I have so many pins or just ideas in my head of things that would be great laminated, so I've been thinking about getting one of these for a while. And let me tell you. IT'S AWESOME! I want to laminate everything in sight! I also got a package of binder rings so that I can hole punch the flash cards I planned to make and put them on there so we don't lose them anywhere and everywhere!

 So first, I came up with a few ideas of things I wanted to make flash cards of. Eli's favorite shows, foods he eats, foods he doesn't eat but I'm hoping he'll start to! Family and friends, and I plan to also add activities and just tons and tons of different cards as we go on. So I set out, and looked for images on our dear friend google! Once I had everything the way I wanted it I printed them out and started cutting them apart.

Eli was already excited at this point, and kept pointing to them and flapping his arms and making his excited noises. So I knew these were already going to be a success!

After I got them all cut out, I set out to laminate them all. I started with approximately 70, and still have more to go but figured that was way more than enough to start with.

At this point, Eli was over tired from refusing his nap, and was acting like I had him trapped behind the chair in baby jail or something!

Now I'm just working on cutting them all out and getting them hole punched and on the binder rings. Eli keeps showing me different ones telling me he wants things which is the whole point anyway. He asked for cookies for dinner tonight. Sorry buddy, cookies are not dinner. ;)

I am so excited to start using them! And he is as well which makes me really happy.

Tomorrow I'll post about the popsicle stick puzzles I made him, which were also a HUGE HIT! 
Thanks for stopping by!
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